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SKID 2023 data conference has been a great success

A huge thank you to our sponsors and speakers for making this event possible.

DATE 24 March 2023

LOCATION W Hotel Verbier, Switzerland

SPEAKERS 13 Professional Speakers

Speakers in 2023

At this one-day Modern Data Stack thought leadership conference we heard from a collection of the best data experts in their fields

Adi Hod Co-Founder & CEO | Velotix

Chris Tabb Co-Founder & CCO | LEIT DATA

Jai Parmar Senior Solutions Architect | Snowflake

Joe Reis Co-Author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Mark van der Heijden EMEA Founding Team, Lead Engineer | Coalesce

Martin Mahler CEO | Astrato by Vizlib

Matthew Housley Co-Author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering

Paul Way RVP EMEA | ThoughtSpot

Roy Hasson Sr. Director of Product Management | Upsolver

Serge Gershkovich Data Architect | SqlDBM

Taylor McGrath VP Solutions Engineering | Rivery

Yoav Cohen CTO and Co-Founder | Satori

Topics Covered

We covered many business issues that companies face when working with data using the modern data stack. Using the latest approaches we will focus on simplification and business value, harmonising technology and the latest best practices. 


These are just some of the topics that were covered whilst Chris Tabb navigates the discussions from the presentations to the closing panel discussion

  • DataOps
  • Data Modelling
  • Data Security
  • Self-Service Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Quality
  • Data Observability
  • Data Contracts
  • FinOps
  • DataSecOps
  • Data Teams Structure
  • Data Products
  • Data Mesh
  • Modern Data Stack

Conference Schedule

We had a collection of industry leading expert speakers at the SKID event. They provided insight into the latest trends. Each presentation focused on a different part of the puzzle that makes the Modern Data Stack.

Conference Days

  • Day 1 - 24 March 2023
  • Day 2 - 25 March 2023
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  • Day 1 - 24 March 2023
    08:30 - 9:00 Registration
    9:00 - 9:30 Welcome & Modern Data Stack Evolution

    Chris Tabb will open the event with an overview of the day's discussions and a presentation on the evolution of the modern data stack.

    Speaker : Chris Tabb | LEIT DATA
    9:30 - 10:00 ROI from the Modern Data Stack

    Taylor McGrath will present on getting the best ROI from your Data Engineering Team.

    Speaker : Taylor McGrath | Rivery

    Taylor leads Solutions Engineering at Rivery. She is responsible for all aspects of building and managing a global team of high-performing Solutions Engineers. She is passionate about the data landscape and using data and use cases to enable go-to-market teams to help customers gain value with Rivery. Prior to this role, Taylor led Rivery's solutions engineering, customer success, and support functions since the company's inception in 2020. She started her career in the data services space, with experience in end-to-end data projects covering data ingestion, cloud migration, and enabling self-service data analytics across organizations.

    10:00 - 10:15 From Data Darkness to Automation

    In this talk Dr. Adi Hod will discuss methods to automate data governance with machine learning and deep learning. He will highlight methods to accelerate data outcomes that address privacy, security, compliance and access requirements by presenting the Velotix & Deutsche Bank case study.

    Speaker : Dr. Adi Hod | Velotix

    Entrepreneur and leader with over 15 years of experience developing, strategizing,and innovating Enterprise Software Solutions. Adi Specialized in optimization solutions in a variety of markets such as banking, utilities, telecommunications, and healthcare. Transforms strategic plans into tactical reality through building enterprises across different regions and cultures, including Europe, North and South America, and APAC. Adi founded several startups in the field of optimization research and exited two of them. Adi holds a BSc, MSc in engineering from the Technion, an EMBA from MIT Boston and a PhD from Haifa and Philadelphia University. Adi is also a professional piano player and art collector. In addition, Adi volunteered two years in Africa building elementary schools.

    10:15 - 10:45 The Rise of the Data Security Platform

    As demand for data grows, data teams find themselves overloaded with managing access to data. Unlike identity and authentication which are managed centrally, access to data still has to be managed in each data store separately. Data security platforms centralize security and compliance requirements in the modern data stack and free up data teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

    Speaker : Yoav Cohen | Satori

    Yoav Cohen is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Satori Cyber. At Satori, Yoav is building the company’s technology vision and leading the research and engineering teams that build the Satori Data Security Platform.

    10:45 - 11:15 Coffee break
    11:15 - 11:45 Why Data Modelling is vital to a Successful Modern Data Platform

    Serge Gershkovich will discuss how Data modelling now has a big focus and how it is essential to increasing the value of your company's data.

    Speaker : Serge Gershkovich | SqlDBM

    Serge Gershkovich has nearly two decades of experience working across various data domains: from management to visualization to architecture. He is a writer, speaker, and data modelling advocate at SqlDBM as well as a Snowflake SnowPro Core Certified Data Superhero.

    11:45 - 12:15 When Data Mesh meets the Modern Data Stack

    Data Mesh has been discussed at a high level but not really at a technology level, we will take an example from a Snowflake customer where they have implemented a successful implementation and the lessons learnt from it.

    Speaker : Jai Parmar | Snowflake

    Jai Parmar is a Data Strategist and a Data Mesh Practitioner. Jai's experience allows him to work across people, process and technology to enable customers to drive value at an accelerated pace.

    12:15 - 12:30 Transformations at Scale

    Mark van der Heijden will discuss Pizza, French Fries, and how to stay on-piste. Oh, and data transformations

    Speaker : Mark van der Heijden | Coalesce

    Mark is lead engineer and part of the EMEA founding team at With his 18 years of experience in data integration, data modelling and data architecture, including Data Vault 2.0, Mark has specialised in data automation. He is a strong believer that automation plays a key part in every successful data warehouse implementation. Prior to joining, he has worked as an independent advisor and different roles at WhereScape, Teradata, and several consultancy firms.

    12:30 - 14:00 Lunch Time
    14:00 - 14:15 Where data modelling meets streaming

    We will be focusing on the two separate data models used for production application state and data warehousing and how streaming with Striim using an application data model can prioritise performance and state consistency.

    Speaker : Matthew Housley & Joe Reis

    Matt Housley holds a PhD in mathematics and is coauthor of the best selling book Fundamentals of Data Engineering. With Joe Reis, he co-founded Ternary Data, a data engineering consulting firm.

    Joe Reis is a “recovering data scientist” and a business-minded data nerd who’s worked in the data industry for 20 years, with responsibilities ranging from statistical modeling, forecasting, machine learning, data engineering, data architecture, and almost everything else in between.

    14:15 - 14:30 The Rise of Self-service analytics

    Paul Way will discuss the rise of the era of Self-Service analytics and the role of the Analytics Engineer.

    Speaker : Paul Way | ThoughtSpot

    Paul leads all of the Channel Partner and Tech Alliance business at ThoughtSpot EMEA and is on a mission to drive ThoughtSpot to a 100% partner business. As a seasoned professional (has grey hair) in the software industry Paul has extensive experience in driving success in large market-leading companies, early-stage/startup organisations and companies focused on large-scale restructuring, driving transformational change whilst developing and executing new Go To Market structures.

    14:30 - 15:00 Data Apps and the Modern Data Stack

    Martin Mahler will discuss the future of low-code Data apps and the new opportunities this enables for businesses.

    Speaker : Martin Mahler | Astrato by Vizlib
    15:00 - 15:15 Why is streaming actually easier than batch and why should you care

    Whether you are doing ETL or ELT, ingesting and processing data in batches is simple to understand, implement and recover from failures. However, it requires complex orchestration to get right and is a lagging indicator of issues, oftentimes results in missing SLAs and late night scrambling to fix jobs. Streaming allows you to ingest and process data in smaller chunks and with fewer machines. It gives you visibility into job and data issues sooner, giving you the opportunity to fix things before problems cascade. But streaming concepts and tools are still a bit foreign to most data engineers. In this session, I’ll cover key concepts in stream processing and show how advances in modern tools like Apache Flink are making streaming more approachable to data engineers.

    Speaker : Roy Hasson | Upsolver

    Roy Hasson is the head of product at Upsolver where he's focused on building tools that make data engineering simple. Previously, Roy was a product manager for AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation, where he helped customers understand, adopt, build and secure large scale, multi-cloud data platforms.

    15:15 - 15:45 Tea break
    15:45 - 16:55 Panel discussion

    We will then wrap up with a live discussion from all the presenters with a Q&A session with the audience where they can put their questions or views to the Panel.

    16:55 - 17:25 What does it take to stay on top of your game?

    For the closing Presentation, we will have our inspirational speaker, the Swiss freeride champion Emilien Badoux who has been a professional snowboarder for twenty year

    Speaker : Emilien Badoux
    17:25 - 17:30 Wrap & Close
    17:30 - 19:30 Cocktails
    19:30 Dinner
  • Day 2 - 25 March 2023
    08:00 - 16:00 Skiing

    Join us on the slopes and in the mountainside restaurants for a fun filled day in the stunning Swiss Alps.

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Event Sponsors 2023

A huge thank you to our vendors for sponsorship of what was a great event.

Location details

LEIT DATA is hosting the inaugural Skiers In Data event at the world-renowned W hotel, in the beautiful ski resort of Verbier Switzerland.

W Hotel Verbier
Rue de Médran 70
1936 Verbier, Switzerland

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